I think the guy friends i hang out with know im p gay so that’s why they don’t care if they talk about “”guy stuff”” with me around

ive been good friends with this guy for ages and we get together with other friends and play video games a lot and we’ve even had sleepovers and i dont like him romantically in the slightest (bc im rly gay) but it always seems a little tense when we hang out bc his girlfriend of 2 years and I had a huuuge argument about something stupid and haven’t talked since

hey reminder


if yr under 18 and yr not ok with an adult following u/liking your selfies etc for any reason, please say and ill do whatever to make you comfortable its really not a bother! i know i have a lot of young mutuals.


The face of a man who thought he was safe from the Lads Action News. 

i had a rather intense dream last night so i wrote it down bc it seemed important

mood: sad about oot link

as much as i love oot link, the only thing i have to show for it is one measly bookmark i got at the library half a year ago

im the worst #1 fan ever

haaahhhh that last post makes me sad tho


the Gurren Lagann soundtrack is fucking weird

tsuritama ❤️_❤️

i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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suffer as i suffer

it’s a shame that my mom doesn’t like chinese food then we’d have it more

i dont think we’ve ever had chinese takeout as a fam :’(